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The Syndgar Trading Co is proud to be Honored with over 150 years of Family Land Heritage in Texas and becoming a Member of the GO TEXAN Community

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The Origins of The Syndgar Trading Co.

All natural blends without hidden ingredients, a flavor that pops, and aromas that hypnotize the senses are what people want in their spices, not the unnecessary additives such as anti-caking agents or preservatives.

But how did The Syndgar Trading Co. become the Spice & Herb company known for these delicious blends?

Through the continuation of a family business which was started generations ago in culinary trade and ranching whose roots originated in mercantile from Spain to the Texas regions of North America The Syndgar Trading Co. reopened the routes of global trading.

The Family Tree records began with the Hinojosa Family line whose members were given land grants from Spain to settle, trade goods, and raise livestock. The tradition continued to the Gomez Family whose members started the Colorado Ranch where the descendants continue to keep the land growing. The creation of The Syndgar Trading Co. is with the Garcia Family whose members Honor the family tradition and were bestowed by the Great State of Texas with recognition of over 150 years of family land heritage.

D. Alejandro Garcia is a descendant of a long line of military leaders and merchants who sought only the best to those who requested luxury goods and comforts. He started The Syndgar Trading Co. in 2015 to provide quality luxury goods at affordable rates for word of mouth customers throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. In 2017 he started the herb and spice line that has made their name known to chefs globally and grill masters in the United States. His qualifications as a Master Herbalist and Spicer allows for blends that pop and aromas that hypnotize all the senses. The Syndgar Trading Co. is quickly gaining the popularity desired from publications and network endorsements through small cooking channels in New Zealand and the United States.

We offer out blends for anyone who wants to enjoy preparing cuisine at home within a budget. Our blends also pop flavors and provide an aromatic delight that allows condiments to be a pleasing companion to a meal rather than a slathering destruction to a well-crafted feast.

Our goal is to not only provide the right ingredients to enhance food at an affordable rate but to also bring the joy of cooking back into the home and have families gather together for a meal to enjoy as one and share their day with a smile.