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What's In The Box?

1 Spice of month bag

Each 15th of the month we will ship out the following items exclusively to you:

1-  2 oz bag of a pure herb or spice of the month without synthetics, artificial additives, or preservatives

1-2 oz bag of an exclusive blend of herbs or spices for members only

1-Bulletin with the month's featured herb or spice history, recipes, tips and tricks for use, and much more

Do not miss out for your opportunity to enjoy what you deserve!

Some Of Our Exclusive Blends Available For Purchase

Conquistador~ Chili Blend

1 beans redux
2 chicken redux

Ronin~White Meat

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Heartache, depression, guilt, and self-loathing these are not feelings generally associated with a book about spices. However, in the Spice Traveler, these feelings are met and conquered through Alejandro’s conquest of pain through successful experimentation with natural ingredients. Happiness is a feeling that everyone deserves and if the key to happiness is found easily in our home through simple means then we all deserve to have one of the greatest of all feelings. Joining in on this adventures that span the globe with war, memoirs, medical references, lessons, and history each reader is given a view of what most people experience while falling through a rabbit hole of chaos. Let the Spice Traveler be your light for navigation out of despair with nine simple ingredients most likely already in your kitchen.