The Syndgar Trading Co. is an online Herbalist shop with a monthly subscription plan for people who want to increase their wellness without the feeling of additional steps in their health regimes.

The Syndgar Trading Company was founded by D. Alejandro Garcia in 2015. Alejandro is a Master Herbalist and Spicer with over a decade of knowledge and experience promoting natural herbs and spices as a method to a healthier life without synthetic medicines, preservatives, or unnecessary chemicals in each blending of ingredients.

When people want to promote wellness in their lives, they immediately grab a pill or boil a kettle of tea. These are not bad methods to increase wellness or health but are diluted through the other intakes from meals and snacks. The Syndgar Trading Co. has developed blends made for meal preparation that will assist the body in repairs and strengthening the systems through our carefully mixed blends.

Each Mid-Month (We ship on the 15th) you will receive:


1- 2 oz of a pure herbs or spices of the month

1-2 oz of an exclusive blend of herbs or spices.

By joining the STC Monthly Club you will gain the opportunity for optimal health from:

  • Detoxification
  • Restoration
  • Balance
  • Rejuvenation
  • Reparation of the Body


Because you are a member you will have a new store of long lasting ingredients that do not require special care, eliminate the worries of hiding your medications from thieves, and are safe for anyone to enjoy.

You will also receive suggestions on use and applications to the blends, mixes, salves, or more from Alejandro.

This is an offer that guarantees products proven to increase your wellness without you changing anything that you are already doing in your life without having to visit an office and worrying about up sales and time lost from a visit.

Join Now to Increase Your QUALITY OF LIFE

I tried “Vaquero”, and was pleasantly surprised the minute I received the sealed package of blended spices in the mail. Not only was I impressed with the packaging, I was impressed by the aroma when I opened it. I could tell I was about to add some quality spices to the ground sirloin heating up on the iron skillet.
The beef turned out delicious; my four year old even enjoyed it! I look forward to trying this particular spice on an actual piece of steak, as I know it will blend well with the natural juices of the steak.
I was also extremely delighted that there were no fillers, or gluten added to these spices, as I have a gluten intolerance. I was overall very satisfied from the presentation, to the smell, to the taste. Great job, syndgar trading co!



Absolutely the BEST addition to my chili! Instead of using half a bottle of generic chili powder I only needed about a tablespoon to get that nose running eyes watering heat that makes for an amazing chili.



I love receiving the blend of the month! I am quite new to the spice world and love experimenting with the spices I receive each month. David is very helpful and answers all of my questions.



Vaquero and Raider!!!!!! If I had to pick a favorite these two would be 1a and 1b. I am a meat lover, use this on Ribeye every grill season. Also goes great on a tri-tip or roast. The best!

Vaquero was the first spice I tried from STC, it has a special place in my heart and belly, haha!



Raider and Vaquero!!!!!! If I had to pick a favorite these two would be 1a and 1b. I am a meat lover, use this on Ribeye every grill season. Also goes great on a tri-tip or roast. The best!



The other reviews don’t lie. Makes some bomb chili. Perfect amount of burn.



An amazing read for all spice lovers. You must get your copy and be educated by the Master Alejandro.



It’s very Hard to write this review because my heart says Veliz blend is the best, but in my opinion this is by far the #1 Best spice in STC… No other compares to the tastes and aroma. Definitely an Award winning spice.


Steak is one of my favorite foods and this spice blend just makes it even better! Love rubbing down the steak and letting it sit out for a few hours before grilling. If you haven’t tried Raider yet, you need to!



I really enjoyed the spices by the Syndgar Trading Co and to see a sampling size that can be delivered to my home is great.



I love having blends to increase my energy and smell great



Not having to fight traffic to go to a natural foods store because I get a new blend every month equals a HUGE WIN for me.



Are you ready to increase your wellness with delicious blends?