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  • STC Pup Mix: Benefits Beyond the Bowl

    A booklet sent to you with a recipe for an all-natural mix of herbs and spices that provide wellness for your beloved pup. At any age this STC Pup Mix is beneficial for strong bones, emotional assistance, breath maintenance, and more. We will provide recommendations, recipes, and instructions.

    We tried this mix with meat, soups, treats, bones, and more to various dogs in our area with positive results. Simply every dog loves the flavor and every person loved watching their pup enjoy an excellent addition to their dogs’ diet.


    Order your copy today.


    “The parts described are what my pups have enjoyed. I used this recipe on broths, sprinkled on top of dry food, dehydrated onto bones, and rolled into treats for my dogs. They really love the tastes and I feel better for them as I know that I am adding natural herbs and spices which will help them grow and stay healthy.” – D. Alejandro Garcia


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