Conquistador: The Fire of The Syndgar Trading Co. made to keep your furnace burning

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“A little goes a long way when it comes to many things in life and the “Conquistador” is one of these spice blends where this tip comes in handy to know. A sachet of our five-chili blend known as “Conquistador” has a variety of peppers to provide many benefits in one bite. This is more than a blend to enter in a chili cook off but a recipe for boosting your internal fire to clear toxins, increase metabolism, and to ward off ailments.


I love this blend with a pot of meat and beans, but I also love the “Conquistador” with a glass of hot water and lemon juice as a pick-me-up when I am sick. This blend is another great recipe by The Syndgar Trading Co. to improve everyday life with minimal effort.” – D. Alejandro Garcia



The “Conquistador” consists of the following ingredients:


  • Ancho: Pain Relief & Appetite Suppression
  • Cayenne: Boost Metabolism & Digestion Assistance
  • Chipotle: Bone Strengthening & Diabetes Prevention
  • Habenero: Fights Flu, Colds, and Fungal Infections
  • De Arbol: Improves Joint Strength


Many people are afraid to add chili peppers into a meal as they to do not enjoy the spiciness of the blends. Remember a little will go a long way and as you add more of the “Conquistador” into your diet you are not only increasing your wellness but your tolerance to the heat. Turn up your body’s thermostat and grab a sachet of “Conquistador” today.




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The Syndgar Trading Co. does not use preservatives or anti-caking agents within any blends. The “Conquistador” is simply a mix of 5 various chili peppers from mild to hot in order to bring the heat to your meal. The “Conquistador” has a fire that is not too hot to handle and is the answer to your need for a spicy meal. Bring the heat home tonight to enjoy a blend with lots of benefits and a memorable flavor.





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5 reviews for Conquistador: The Fire of The Syndgar Trading Co. made to keep your furnace burning

  1. Duby Garcia

    Made the best chili ever. I highly recommend it if you like hot chili 🌶🌶🔥🔥. Has a slow burn.

  2. Amber

    The portions and flavor of this spice is right on point. This spice is a regular in our household.

  3. Matthew Hudson

    The other reviews don’t lie. Makes some bomb chili. Perfect amount of burn

  4. Justin Szerletich

    Delicious, I know it says “chili” but we use it on so many other things as well!

  5. Shawna Barnes

    Absolutely the BEST addition to my chili! Instead of using half a bottle of generic chili powder I only needed about a tablespoon to get that nose running eyes watering heat that makes for an amazing chili.

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