Rajput- An Exotic Blend with Vigor


A taste that is often hard to describe but holds an exoticism to the mix the “Rajput” has been a favorite for people who enjoy a meal with the flavors of the Middle East but from a blend that is not considered traditional because of the ingredients.


The use of Mediterranean, Persian, and Indian spices & herbs brings a flavor with incredible health benefits and colors with the true hypnotic aroma and indescribable flavors.


“The “Rajput” was intended for side dishes to compliment a proper meal but through experimenting with unusual meats I discovered that this blend was excellent with dishes that were considered “game” such as pheasant, rabbit, goat, and other “non-traditional” meats. Taking away the natural “outdoor” or “game” flavoring from fresh foods the “Rajput” brings a mouthwatering taste to your meals. You can now enjoy the meats that you may have shied away from because of the meats natural flavoring from a blend brought to you through The Syndgar Trading Co. that takes you away while keeping you at home.” -D. Alejandro Garcia


The “Rajput” consists of the following ingredients:


  • Curry: Boosts the immune system, bone strength, digestion assistance
  • Black Pepper: Antioxidant, assists in the reduction of symptoms leading to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, blood sugar control, & appetite suppression.
  • Rosemary- Prevents brain aging, anti-inflammatory, & stress reducer
  • Saffron- Reduces depression, fights cancerous agents, an aphrodisiac, appetite reduction, & assists with your memory retention.


Increase your mental health, libido, and metabolism with one blend brought to you by The Syndgar Trading Co.


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An exotic blend of spices and herbs for a more delicate taste with game meats or fresh side dishes. The “Rajput” is mixed with natural ingredients without anti-caking agents or coloring. The addition of saffron, aside from being the most expensive known spice on the market is also the main agent to color your meals. Saffron is so rich that many times it has been worth more than its weight in gold. You deserve this luxurious blend today.


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