The Raider: The STC Home Blend Created for Mental Wellness

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“I felt worse while on my meds, I still hurt regardless if I took my pills or not and all they did was numb the injuries. The medications made me tired and were designed to trick my body into feeling good but in reality I was losing my mind. I was addicted to the need to want the pills but grew lazy and fat because the pills were my life.  I found a better way through herbs and spices and although the process was long and the trials were interesting from elixirs to eating the blends as a  dry spoonful I discovered that adding the blends into my meals was the best way to not only change my life but increase my health in a manner that the prescribed medications could not do for me. I found a way that not only prolongs my life but gives me a will to continue. “ –  D. Alejandro Garcia


“The Raider” is the first blend developed by Alejandro over 10 years ago to assist with the medications given to him by the medical system. After sustaining multiple injuries while in Iraq he was given several types of pain and inflammatory medicines to ease the pain.


The nine ingredients listed have their own benefits and alone work for multiple reasons but together the blend is excellent and served as a natural method to improve wellness and keep me healthy. Testing “The Raider” in the culinary world proved that this blend is aromatic and tastes great. Multiple Chefs have agreed that “The Raider” is an excellent mix of spices, herbs, and minerals and the first cook-off we entered placed “The Raider” in two categories.


Lab tests have shown that this blend along with other pure ingredients have given me a healthy bodily system and I want to share this blend with you. How can “The Raider” help you?


  • Ancho- Assist in reducing nerve pain
  • Chipotle- Lowers LDL (bad cholesterol) and Increases HDL (Good Cholesterol)
  • Cayenne- Boosts metabolism
  • Turmeric- Assists in reducing Depression
  • Cumin- Stress fighter
  • Garlic – Reducing blood pressure
  • Oregano – Fights bacteria
  • Black Pepper- Assists in proper digestion (diarrhea/Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
  • Sea Salt- Anti-cramping agent



These ingredients have many more benefits, but these are just a few examples to provide an idea to what a strong blend “The Raider” is for your health. Most ingredients assist in fighting cancers, dementia, and Alzheimer’s Disease which are growing concerns more than before and if a blend is available to fight these ailments and promote a better life for you, then why would you deny yourself this product?




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You have tried the sample packs, heard the awesome news, or just love to have the best ingredients added to your food. Our specialty select blend, “The Raider” is the mix which started it all and has an International Best Selling Book written about its savory flavors and hypnotic aroma.


The Raider has also been reviewed by Award Winning Executive Chef Bryan Jacobs from Florida quoting The Raider as,  “Delicious”   and Executive Chef Nick Mudge from New York wrote the following review:


“After receiving a few samples from Alejandro for testing I was amazed at the flavor profile that
was present in each of the spices. Syndgar Trading Co. has taken the extra time to truly develop
and refine the spices, herbs, and even the underlying notes and hints of flavor that just pop on the
palate. As a chef we take pride in not altering the flavors of items but enhancing the natural
flavors that are present. Syndgar Trading Co. spices added to any protein bring a new level of


The Raider also placed 3rd place twice as a blend competing against Grill Masters and Chefs in San Antonio, Texas.




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9 reviews for The Raider: The STC Home Blend Created for Mental Wellness

  1. R. Valentino

    I tried The Raider on steak and loved the taste . For the first time I actually finished my whole meal without using any steak sauce. The smell of the spices stay in my cabinet too but the spices never go stale. I will always order from The Syndgar Trading Co.

  2. Sandi

    I love it & so do my kids. Thank you 🙂

  3. Fox 2/1

    This spice was what we needed for the last mandatory fun day. I picked this up because of the name, Fox 2/1 “Raiders” but now I am going to keep picking up this blend for the taste. Thanks man.

  4. kevin

    This is one amazing spice. The aroma and taste is something out of the world. Alejandro, knows what’s he is doing. Is a must have in your kitchen.

  5. George

    “Yummy in the tummy”- My kids

  6. Nick

    Steak is one of my favorite foods and this spice blend just makes it even better! Love rubbing down the steak and letting it sit out for a few hours before grilling. If you haven’t tried Raider yet, you need to!

  7. Matthew Hudson

    After sampling these and using them on the few things I cook, steak being a staple in my diet, I was inspired to learn to cook other things and get more creative. Awesome flavor, and company

  8. Justin Szerletich

    Raider and Vaquero!!!!!! If I had to pick a favorite these two would be 1a and 1b. I am a meat lover, use this on Ribeye every grill season. Also goes great on a tri-tip or roast. The best!

  9. Erica

    I tried “Vaquero”, and was pleasantly surprised the minute I received the sealed package of blended spices in the mail. Not only was I impressed with the packaging, I was impressed by the aroma when I opened it. I could tell I was about to add some quality spices to the ground sirloin heating up on the iron skillet.
    The beef turned out delicious; my four year old even enjoyed it! I look forward to trying this particular spice on an actual piece of steak, as I know it will blend well with the natural juices of the steak.
    I was also extremely delighted that there were no fillers, or gluten added to these spices, as I have a gluten intolerance. I was overall very satisfied from the presentation, to the smell, to the taste. Great job, syndgar trading co!

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