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The Spice Traveler: A Journey Of A Forfeited Mind Spawned From A Life Of Synthetics And Experiments


The Amazon International Best Seller, The Spice Traveler is now available on our own site at a discounted rate. Read the book that gained The Syndgar Trading Co. global recognition.


Many people ask how the creation of our blends were started. Like all great products the answer is desire and with one idea. The Raider blend was that desire and one product that made me want to create something that would assist with my personal issues in life. I was experiencing a fall in life while coping with being an ordinary guy in an extraordinary world.

I was battling the emotions of heartache, depression, guilt, and self-loathing. My story is not too unique compared to other Veterans returning to a society of comfort and control.

These are not feelings generally associated with a book about spices.

In this book feelings are met and conquered through the conquest of pain from successful experimentation with natural ingredients. Happiness is a feeling that everyone deserves and if the key to happiness is found easily in our home, then why would you want to miss out in this knowledge?

Joining in on this adventures that span the globe with war, memoirs, medical references, lessons, and history each reader is given a view of what most people experience while falling through a rabbit hole of chaos. Let the Spice Traveler be your light for navigation out of despair with nine simple ingredients most likely already in your kitchen.


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